When you update your device through iTunes, you run the risk of closing off unlock access you had gained previously through a baseband exploit. I fire up my RedLaser app and simply scan the barcode on the outside of the box; RedLaser quickly produces a list of nearby shops that have my item in stock. If your iPhone doesn't have one of the supported baseband versions mentioned above and you still manage to jailbreak and unlock your iPhone, you will face issues such as 'no network signals', 'searching for network', etc. If you are looking for free games download, check out that offers a wide range of fun filled games unlocking apple iphone 5C to keep you entertained for hours.
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Your iPhone SIM card will change when you official unlocked iphone 5C to a different carrier
You are not breaking the law if you unlock and jailbreak the firmware. The Apples iPhone has high video recording at 6 plus. Actually, there isn't much of a difference between jailbreaking iPhone 5S and unlocking an iPhone device.

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